The Pink Attitude Mother's Day 2018 Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day gifts are the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for your mom, grandmother, or any other strong ladies in your life. The one thing most moms want is to spend some quality time with their busy children. Instead of giving a gift this Mother's Day, give the "gift" of an experience!

Here are a few ideas for treating the moms in your life this Mother’s Day.


  1. Mani/Pedi

What woman doesn't want to be pampered? Not only will you and your mom feel beautiful, but sitting in a salon gives you plenty of time to talk. 

  1. Try a new restaurant

Break out of your rut of eating at the same place! Do some research and check for any new restaurants or maybe something you’ve overlooked. Even if the food isn’t your favorite, you’ll have a fun story to reminisce about when you go back to your favorite spots.

  1. Go Shopping

Shop your local boutiques and enjoy dressing each other up. You probably enjoyed playing dress up in your mother’s closet as a kid. Recapture some of those memories with a shopping spree.

  1. Take a workout class together

Yoga or Zumba classes will have a wide age range and experience level. It may not seem like the most fun, but it’s more enjoyable to challenge yourself with the people you love most. If that sounds like too much work, you could also try tennis, golf, or a fun run together.  

  1. A day out at the movies

Check out your local theaters and share a laugh and a box of popcorn. Let mom pick the movie, or suggest something you’ll both enjoy. We laughed until we cried at Peter Rabbit!

  1. Redecorating

Do you have a room or bathroom that could use a revamp? Go decor shopping and pick out paint and materials together. This project can be big or small, but try to pick a project that will be fun. This is a gift for mom after all.

  1. Take a day trip

Even if it’s to the next town over! Just a day to get away from your everyday routine. Playing tourists in a city you’ve never been to before can be a lot of fun. A weekend trip is also a fun idea. Remember: it’s about the experience, not the destination.

  1. Try a DIY together

Find a new recipe, craft or maybe a DIY natural moisturizer for your skin! Pinterest and Etsy have thousands of great ideas to make something of your own. We forget how much mom loved our homemade gifts as kids; it means a lot when you make the time to do something special.

  1. Get dressed up and go downtown

Go get your makeup done and a nice blowout and take on the town as a mother-daughter duo! Almost every mother would like a nice night on the town, and this is the perfect photo-op for a nice framed picture of you together. You don’t have to go clubbing, but maybe try something other than dinner and a movie.

  1. A painting class

If you are of legal age you can even grab a drink at some art and wine galleries! This is such a fun way to socialize and have a keepsake of your time together. Don’t worry about being a great artist, this is just about uncorking a bottle of wine and trying something new.

These are just a few suggestions to treat the moms in your life to an experience they won’t forget. If you have a Mom or Nana like us, you could have a slumber party! We eat, play games and laugh until our stomachs hurt! Just make sure to be creative and have fun. Showing how much you care about them is the real gift you’re giving them.

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